Responsible Gambling


Controlling addiction risks acts as a player of the on-line gambling market, as an operator aware of its responsibilities to society and that therefore agrees to reduce the risks of gambling addiction. agrees in the same way to help those suffering from gambling addiction.

Gambling is an exciting activity, which does not exempt from displaying moderation. wishes that its clients remain in control of their gambling, so gambling remains a pleasure for everyone. takes concrete measures to reduce the addiction and excess risks :

  • Training and information of the management and staff of the company ;
  • Information to players, about responsible gambling ;
  • Implementation of a procedure allowing each client to opt easily for self -exclusion ;
  • Implementation of customer assistance for customers facing gambling addiction risks through a partnership with the Clinique du Jeu Dostoïevski of BRUGMANN Hospital ;
  • Responsible advertising communication;

Test your gambling profile

How to find out whether you are taking a bad direction or are threatened by gambling addiction ? You just need to test your gambling profile by honestly answering the following questions :

  • Is your work time affected by your gambling ? (YES – NO)
  • Do you sometimes gamble to pay for debts or solve financial problems ? (YES – NO)
  • After losing, do you go on gambling to try and recover your loss ? (YES – NO)
  • Do you sometimes borrow money to gamble ? (YES – NO)
  • Do you sometime hesitate to assign everyday life expenses for food or accommodation to gambling ? (YES – NO)
  • Does the fact of gambling keep you away from your family ? (YES – NO)
  • Does your gambling damage the well-being of your family ? (YES – NO)
  • Do you sometimes bet longer than expected ? (YES – NO)
  • Do you bet to escape your concerns or boredom ? (YES – NO)

Please note that this test is fully anonymous and that no answer will be recorded. If you answered yes to a majority of the above questions, please seek an addiction help professional. The specialists of the gambling clinic Dostoïevski at BRUGMANN hospital help and advise you discretely. Please call +32 477 27 99. You can also call SOS JEUX at 800.35.777 for free help (24 / 7 help) or go to the site


Online gambling

When alone facing the screen of your computer, you may apply a few principles to help you consider gambling as a pleasure, by acting responsibly :

  • Set a maximum loss limit, for a specific time, and force yourself to stick to it ;
  • Never play to win at all costs, but consider gambling as a pleasure, the pleasure of trying ;
  • Never borrow money from your family or financial institutions to gamble ;
  • Take regular breaks ;
  • Alternate gambling with other activities ;
  • Never play during periods of trouble, stress, depression or confusion ;
  • Play only with money available for pleasure. Never play with money intended for important expenses (food, rent, electricity, heating, etc.) ;
  • Never consider gambling as an escape from your everyday problems.

Online gambling is entertainment that sometimes leads to financial reward. It is in no event a source of income to provide for the player's everyday needs or those of his family or a means of paying one's debts.
Therefore it is the player's responsibility to play with moderation, to be aware of his needs and to know when to stop, whether losing or winning.

Responsible Gaming Tools has set up options to allow you to manage your account in a manner suited to your needs and means.

·        You can set your own limits. The « My Account » section is there for you to set amounts not to be exceeded. If you place a game above that limit, the site will automatically prevent your game.

·        By selecting the "temporary closure" option in his Player Account (the "Responsible Gaming" tab), the Operator will prevent access to the Player Account for the period of time determined by the User.

·        By choosing the option "self-exclusion" in its Player Account (tab "Responsible Gaming"), the Operator will prevent access to the Player Account for the period determined by the User, with a minimum duration of six months. A Player Account that has been self-excluded may not, under any circumstances, be reactivated before the end of the self-exclusion period. At the end of the self-exclusion period, the User may request the full reactivation of his or her Player Account from "Customer Service".

During the self-exclusion period, the User may not attempt to reopen his account or create a new account by any means, including via the identity of third parties.

In addition the site of the Commission belge des Jeux de Hasard provides you with useful information about associations and help centres located near you. You can also send a request to the Commission belge des Jeux de Hasard in order to be banned from accessing casinos, automatic gambling sites and on-line gambling sites. You should, to do so, complete the wilful banning request for available from the Commission belge des Jeux de Hasard site


Child protection.

Belgian law prohibits anyone under 18 to bet o line and anyone under the age of 21 to play online casino games. strictly complies with that requirement aimed at protecting children and adolescents. goes beyond that duty by taking a formal undertaking never to target youngsters in its advertising campaigns. only accepts clients over 21 for online casino games.

In order to reduce the risk of minor clients, checks the identity of its clients when child activity is suspected. Although we dedicate a lot of time and effort to prevent children from gambling on our site, we draw the parents/guardians' attention to becoming aware that a child, even with their consent, is not allowed to gamble on our site.

We therefore recommend that parents :

  • Set up access blocking filters for on line gambling sites ;
  • Not leave the gambling page open if they leave the computer ;
  • Keep their passwords and user names secret ;
  • Explain the law regarding gambling and the dangers caused by gambling additions ;
  • Keep their credit cards and other electronic payment means out of reach of their children.

When in doubt on the age of a player, reserves the right to ask you to prove you age at any time and to suspend the activity of your account until the situation is clarified.


Under Belgian law, Ladbrokes can only allow the player to increase his weekly limit to an amount higher than 500€ when the player is not in default (1). The player who wants to increase his limit will have to send a declaration, on his honour, that he is not in default of payment of a credit (after, if applicable, having carried out the necessary checks on the website of the National Bank of Belgium ( The declaration or certificate must be sent to the following e-mail address: [email protected]. After verification and approval, your limit will be increased after 72 hours.


If the player makes use of the option to increase his limit, the player expressly releases Ladbrokes from any liability. Ladbrokes cannot be held liable for any losses incurred. Play responsibly and within your means!


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